Charles Haanel Quote

Relaxation is therefore an absolute necessity in order to allow the mental faculties to exercise the greatest freedom. — Charles Haanel

How much importance to do you place on relaxation? Do you view it as an element of Self-Care, or is it just some thing you do after everybody and everything gets a piece of you?

Some people are so busy in their head that they will not allow themselves 15 minutes to sit still and be motionless. The very thought is terrifying. Too many important things to do the head says.

The problem with not putting yourself first in regards to self care is that it leads to distorted perceptions of reality, self-hate and unhappiness.

I wonder if that’s why some who are grouchy and difficult to get along with come back from a holiday like a new person. Probably running on mania for 50 weeks of the year. Don’t wait till the end of the year. Take a short time-out just for you every day for 15 – 30 minutes.

3 Easy to Learn Meditation/Relaxation Exercises

  • Meditation 1 shows how to train your body to be perfectly still.
  • Meditation 2 shows how to train your mind to be still.
  • Meditation 3 shows how to relax the muscles and release all tensions which can lead to mental unrest and abnormal mental activity of the mind.

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