Below is a 20 minute relaxation/meditation video made using musical wind chimes, 432 HZ Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats. Can be used with or without headphones.


  • For a relaxation session, simply listen to the sounds, or listen and watch.
  • For meditation, sit in your favourite meditation position, close your eyes and listen to the sounds while trying to think of nothing except what is happening NOW.
  • For intention based goals visualisation, listen to the sounds with eyes closed while visualising your desired outcome.

Meditation Sound Details

  • Base frequency 432 HZ (Crown Chakra Healing).
  • Isochronic tone/Binaural beat frequency: Alpha, 8hz – 12hz
  • Real wind chime sounds.

Hand-Tuned Musical Chimes

The wind chime sounds are generated from real hand-tuned wind chimes called Cosmic Wind Chimes which also happen to be tuned to 432 HZ.


The Alpha State is also called the Super Learning State and is known to increase creativity. Good healthy Alpha brainwave production promotes mental resourcefulness, aids in the ability to mentally coordinate and enhances overall sense of relaxation by reducing stress, anxiety, OCD and insomnia.

Teaching yourself to achieve the relaxing Alpha brainwave state every day will enable you to intuitively handle difficult situations and reduce stress in the body.

Reduce stressful compulsive thinking by taking a time-out each day for relaxation or meditation where you aim to be focused in this moment NOW. This helps to balance the left and right sides of the brain so that one side does not dominate the other with altered perceptions of reality (which can seem so real).

Balance – Yin-Yang, Now-Here – Nowhere.


If your mind wonders off away from the now moment during meditation, don’t criticize yourself. Simply return back to the NOW by focusing on the wind chime sounds and on your breath as soon as you become aware it. Focus on the in-breath, focus on the out-breath. I am now breathing in. I am now breathing out.

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