In this Ted Talk, Dr Jill Bolte Taylor describes how each each hemisphere of the human brain thinks about different things, cares about different things, and have very different personalities.

Dr Taylor gives valuable insight into recognising where and how persistent mental chatter comes from by describing how the left hemisphere of her brain went “offline” during her stroke and how all the busy noise in the head just stopped while being conscious and aware of it.

It turns out that the left brain is actually “the voice in the head” where all the ongoing brain chatter comes from. Dr Taylor explains how the left brain views the present through the filter of the past then projects it into the future as possible outcomes.

My Stroke Of Insight – Dr Jill Bolte Taylor

How To Download

The above video can be downloaded from this page at in high quality MP4 format as well as MP3 audio format. All Ted Talks can be downloaded for FREE which makes it easy to relax in your armchair and watch on TV.

I like this Ted Talk because it makes me realise that I can either be conscious of the thoughts trying to access my attention or I can be totally unconscious. I can be connected, or I can be separate. I can be balanced, or I can be unbalanced.

So far, one of the best ways I have found to be connected and balanced is to meditate every day and take action on my needs for relaxation.

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