Here are five 15 minute videos containing Abraham Hicks Getting Into the Vortex Meditations. Designed to remove resistance and help you move downstream towards what is waiting for you in vibrational escrow.

Abraham says that what we want has already been created and waiting for us in “Vibrational Escrow”. All we have to do is “tune-in” to the same vibrational frequency, and what we want will show up without any hard work.

  • General Wellbeing Meditation
  • Financial Wellbeing Meditation
  • Physical Wellbeing Meditation
  • Relationships Meditation
  • Getting Into The Vortex

It isn’t necessary to watch the videos, just click play, sit back, relax and listen.

Guided Meditations

Select meditation then click the play button ..

More Meditations

"Everything You Want is Already Yours" ...