My name is Edward Zivkovic and my intention here at is to help you achieve a peace, joy and happiness state more often. This translates into a healthy, optimistic feeling of wellbeing.

I think if one is burdened with low energy thinking such as guilt, worry, shame, fear, resentment, or anger most of the time, the situation needs attention in order to avoid undesirable health, relationship, and money consequences.

My mission here is to provide resources and information to help you relax, get peace of mind, feel good about yourself. This is important because when we feel good about ourselves, others feel good about us too. This translates into better relationships, better health, and better things manifesting in our life.

When in doubt however, I like to remind myself that I am responsible.

I am at cause. I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings and actions. I am also responsible for all of the events, conditions and circumstances that I find myself in. Therefore, If I am happy or unhappy, I am the cause.